"Man lives in lies because they are comfortable, convenient. You dont have to make much effort to find a lie. The whole of society is ready to give you all kinds of lies, but truth is an individual search.

Lies are a social invention, so whenever truth is discovered, there is rouble. You have lived all your life in lies, beautiful lies, and suddenly you find your whole life collapsing.

To choose truth, first you have to make an immense effort to find it. Second, when you find it, you suddenly also find that the whole of society is agains you - the whole world is against you.

If you want to live according to yur own truth, you have to face the whole world: you job might be lost, your wife may divorce you, your parents may abandon you, your priest will condemn you, your politicians will be against you. Suddenly you find yourself in an immense world, absolutely alone. You have to depend on society in a thousand and one ways, and this society wants yo to live according to its lies; hence the trouble.

But it is only on the outside that finding the truth creates great turmoil in your life. As far as your inner world is concerned, when you find the truth for the first time you are at home, at ease, relaxed, strong. So strong, that you alone are enough to dace the whole world. Those troubles are trivial. What you find with truth is such a treasure, that once you have known it you cannot exchance it for lies."

Pasted newspaper on wood

acrylic paint, water based paint

105cm x 60cm